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Lloyd Wilson Partnership offer a range of services to support education providers, designers, contractors, and local authorities in delivering outstanding education environments.  We are experienced in the design of preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, all through schools, sixth form centres, colleges, UTCs and universities.

Our bespoke solutions include:

Supporting local authorities and education providers to develop proposals for new schools.  Undertaking consultations with stakeholders to understand their vision and ethos and translating this into an education brief and outline design brief.  Building a bespoke schedule of accommodation that meets the specific needs of the building stakeholders whilst staying within the cost envelope and meeting the requirements of the relevant building bulletins;

Supporting contactors in bidding for new school building contracts.  Identifying the critical educational requirements of the brief and opportunities, constraints, and issues brought about by the brief, site, or pedagogical approaches, and proposing responses.  Reviewing and/or writing sections of the bid to ensure consistency of approach and concise, robust answers;

Supporting contractors and designers through the early stages of the design process.  Managing, and contributing to, a comprehensive engagement process to challenge any preconceptions and assumptions, and to tease out the stakeholders' requirements and aspirations for the project.  Proposing and/or refining an education brief and education quality indicators.  Proposing and refining a schedule of accommodation that offers a bespoke response to the stakeholders' agreed brief whilst meeting the area guidance of the building bulletins.  Providing detailed design feedback on design proposals to ensure that the educational aspirations of stakeholders are not diluted during design development.  Contributing to best value sessions and maintaining a log of agreed design changes;

Supporting developers of design proposals (in particular housing developments) likely to require contribution towards education provision to support an increase in population. Liaising with the developer and local authority to understand the drivers for new provision and evaluating the scale and cost of such provision to facilitate an agreed way forward;

Other services.  We have worked with free schools and academies in developing bids for academy trusts; have undertaken evaluation of existing provision to determine the effectiveness of learning environments and return on investment; have undertaken review of initial design proposals prior to developed design against the education brief, best practice, and building bulletins; and have contributed to feasibility studies of multi school proposals across local authority areas.  We are always keen to apply our skills in developing bespoke solutions to fresh challenges and welcome any opportunity to contribute to positive and improved outcomes for learners.

We work nationwide with recent and ongoing projects in England and Wales.